Sunday, March 29, 2009

Progress on Monochromatic block

This weekend we again experienced a very dreary, rainy Saturday. I stayed in all day and as I surrounded myself with needles, threads, and beads I nested and enjoyed my day. Progress this weekend was the addition of a fan, beading and a tea dyed flower in the center. I found the idea for the fan on Ira's blog. Hope she doesn't mind that I tried to replicate her great stitching. The lace panel in the center is so pretty I do not want to cover it up but have tried to just enhance it with pearl beads. I love the way my blocks just continue to evolve. I suppose some go into their projects with a plan. Not me.
I will be traveling this next week, attending a conference in Orlando. Hoping to soak up some Florida sunshine. I will pack some threaded needles and a little sewing bag to pass my time while traveling. I have been stranded in too many airports waiting on flights not to travel prepared with a good book and some stitching to work on.


Donna said...

Very nice. I love looking at crazy quilts. I can do lots of needlework, but can't sew.
Love your blog!

Ruby said...

I think you have enhanced your lace very nicely. Now that I see your fan I'll have to go look at Ira's! You and Shari have inspired me to try some tea dyeing and at some point I'm doing a block in neutrals. Thank you, Ruby

Queen Bee's Musings said...

love your work..
Can I tag along with you to Florida?
Take care and safe travel.