Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blue Block study

I have taken a hiatus from crafting but it is over. At the moment I have at least three projects in the works including this blue block study with the CQ for Newbies group. What a group it is. Very active and very fun. I am finding I'm doing alot more reading on the internet about stitching than actual stitching. This will be my first round robin to participate in and I'm excited. Had a great week of getting ready. While I had some blue in my stash, not near enough so off to the Goodwill store and I hit the jackpot! Not only found some great blue fabrics but the perfect beads I have been searching for my CQ necklace project. Than came dyeing of lace, ribbon and trims to go on my block and others to come. What fun! Wish my photos were better! I will keep you posted with pics as progress continues. Happy Stitching! BJR

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hand Dyeing is Fun!

It has been quite a week. All though down most of the week with a bug, inspiration would hit and I did get a few things created. I have heard many describe their ribbons & lace as hand dyed pieces and often wondered what exactly is involved. Could it be as simple as dyeing Easter eggs I thought? Spent some time on line gathering information and viewing others work, then gathered together some bits and pieces. Since I didn't have real dye nor felt up to a trip to town I checked out the cupboards and found of all things a jar of beets that so far husband hadn't touched. What didn't take the beet juice to my satisfaction I painted in with red food coloring. I had a fun time and am pleased with the resulted. I see a Valentine in the making.
The top photos are my work in progress. This block was created during class this last November with Judith Baker Montano. I decided to try some new stitches (knotted buttonhole with beads) along with some old stitches. Many years ago (35 maybe, could it be?) I took a Brazilian Embroidery class with my sister in law Bonnie. Beautiful, detailed stitches using wonderful threads. I began filling in a section of the block with buillon stitches in a fan shape and then moved into flowers and buds. It was an inspiring afternoon home all day with the dog.