Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Day on the Trail

What an enjoyable day I had riding with friends. One day on the trail and life's stress dissolves away. If I could only figure out how to stretch a 24 hour day. I am finding I just don't have enough time in one day to do all that I would like to get accomplished these days. Riding, gardening, stitching and must fit at least some sleep in there some where.

My trusty steed "Looker" was great. She is my tried and true experienced trail mare that really allows me to sit back and take in all of nature while she watches the trail ahead.

Monday, May 25, 2009

I'm Back - Stitching, Gardening, Horse back riding; Life is Good!

Life has been really fun and really busy lately so my blog has been rather neglected. Last post was late April, just before I left for a great trip with my daughter and son in law. Their lives are currently in transition as they have made the decision to relocate from Scotland to the USA. I am one happy mom! Anxious to have them living closer - at least on US soil.
As I traveled I did take along baggies that included the above blocks with thread, ribbon, trim, and beads to keep me busy on flights and time in airports as well as relaxation in the hotels. I found a great embellishment supply store in France and stocked up with more beads, buttons and trim. In London, Notting Hill found lace to include in future blocks. Overall it was a wonderful trip with some "great finds" along the way.
These two blocks will be mailed away tomorrow to be included in wall quilts that will be auctioned at the Omaha CQ retreat as a fundraiser for cancer research. I am happy to do my part to support this effort as my life, like so many others, has been affected by cancer.
Next project already underway is a block to be included in a wall quilt for my niece's wedding June 20th. Wedding colors are beautiful-taupe & salmon. This will be a beautiful quilt and wedding I'm sure.
This three day weekend was very busy and enjoyable . I worked in all of my favorite things. A day of trail riding on Sat., gardening on Sun. and BBQ with family today. And in between time to stitch and finish up these two blocks. It went by way too fast but it really was a great week end and alot was accomplished.