Saturday, April 25, 2009

Gardening Inspiration

Today was a wonderful, relaxing and productive day in the flower beds. Isn't it amazing how time slips away while digging in the dirt, tending to perennials and weeding beds? My day flew by! How happy I was to gather my first bouquet of lilacs; after the frosts this Spring, I wasn't sure we would have lilacs. The bushes have only about 1/3 the normal blossoms which makes me cherish them all the more. I was afraid I wouldn't have any. The wisteria was definitely nipped. No blossoms popping out yet but also no leaves. I love wisteria blooms; they are so unusual and to me they smell like root beer! Crazy I know!

I was happy to find the first bleeding heart bloom surrounded by blue anenomes. And hiding behind them the mouse ears hosta I planted last fall is just pushing its leaves through the ground. I love Spring time and how theraputic it is to spend an afternoon working in the gardens.
Now to work a little crazy quilting in this evening to top off my day.

Monday, April 13, 2009

It Doesn't Get Any Cuter Than This!

What a fun day I had at work today....if you can call it work. We had the great opportunity to visit a miniature horse farm during foaling season. In the photo I am holding a two month old foal who loved the attention it was getting from the group. The top photo is of the newest baby, only two days old. It was really a great day at work. I love my job!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Good To Be Home Again

Had a great week in sunny Florida but it is always so good to come home again. Most of the week was spent inside a hotel conference room sharpening our coaching skills and learning new approaches. We did include some time for fun and I was happy to feel the sand on my bare feet as we walked along the ocean at Cocoa Beach. The fresh seafood was wonderful and I couldn't get enough. Upon returning home I found that 5 days makes quite a difference in the development of puppies. Now 2-1/2 weeks old, they are walking about on shaky legs, eyes opened and trying to bite and play with each other. They are even cuter! DH wants to keep one and has his eye on the only male. I'm not sure we need another dog. I did get a little stitching in during travels this week. Was glad to have my mind occupied during the plane ride down to Florida as it got rather bumpy at times. Had to really concentrate to get the needle in the right place!