Friday, March 20, 2009

New Arrivals At the Rays

Look what arrived at our house on St. Patty's Day. Our girl Marilyn chose to deliver in the back of the barn under a stage. My husband and son had to do a belly crawl to take her food and water and to see the pups. She finally came to the house and allowed her puppies to be moved. What Ithought was going to be really ugly pups have turned out to be pretty darn cute!

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Ruby said...

Barb, what kind of dog is Marilyn? She's looks sooo big compared to those puppies. Only 3? Isn't that a small litter? My dachshund had 5!! Do you want boy or girl names. I was thinking Monroe since she's Marilyn. Or Norma J. Or you could go with other actors/actresses. Myrna, Maureen and Melissa. I like naming after --- I named a dog Ruth after a dragon in a fantasy book, Aster after Asta in the Thin Man. Messed that one up,forgot to check the spelling.