Saturday, March 21, 2009

Experimenting with Monochromatic and Coffe/Tea Dyeing

As I look over my creations I see that I naturally lean towards the jewel tones in most all I do. The stitching on these rich colors just seems to pop. As I looked through my stash I found several pieces that would work well in a beige on beige monochromatic block and decided to give it a try. The different textures and patterns adds plenty of interest without loud color combinations. I then chose some trims and lace and tried my hand at dyeing with coffee and tea. I am very pleased with the results. It is so much fun to experiment with things we have around the house to create pieces for our blocks that couldn't be found and purchased in stores. And it saves me a trip to town.
Today I awoke to a dreary, rainy day and I'm happy. It gives me permission to stay in and stitch to my hearts content. Sounds like a perfect day off to me!

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Ira said...

Great block. It wiil be very beautiful work.I am waiting to see it finished