Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hello again! I have been absent from blogging for awhile but I have returned. Playing catch up after taking time off during the holidays has been rough. Then took a long week end to celebrate my 29th wedding anniversary which was January 19th. We had a great get away to a cabin in the woods in Northern Arkansas. Beautiful country and a very relaxing and refreshing time. No TV for three days-yes, we did have electricity and running water. A great chance to do a little stitching. This project is almost complete. Just a few finishing touches. As always, I just began and the project just evolved along the way. So many ideas-if I had more time I would probably do a second block with ideas that came to me along the way with this one. Wanted to include a dutch motif and did find some windmill buttons on ebay. On the way home from Arkansas browsed a flea market and found a container with some great buttons so had to include some in my block.

My smaller pendant project became a total disaster. Very disappointing. I had my stitching completed and glued it to the bead only to have the fabric soak up the glue and ruin the ribbon embroidery and even some of the stitching. Live and learn-right? I do plan to give it a second try and find a better choice of adhesive.

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Pat Winter said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I'm sorry your bead project messed up. Your cq piece was so pretty. We have all had that happen if it makes you feel better :-)
I use fabri tac, and just small amounts because even that can soak in fabric.Keep stitching, I love seeing your beautiful colors.