Sunday, August 10, 2014

Summertime Flowers

Time for another walk in the garden.  Our summer continues to be a spectacular year for our vegetable and flower gardens.  This is a hibiscus that I added to the garden a year ago and may now be my favorite.  I'm so glad these beauties are perennials in our area. 

 I have always been a big fan of sunflowers and over the years have started many varieties from seed.  These are two that reseeded themselves this year.  I love watching the increase in Goldfinch once the sunflowers start blooming.
Surprise lily is appropriately named as they are truly a surprise to see each year.  I often notice them blooming in someone else's yard then go home to find that mine have shot up to over 2 feet tall over night and are in full bloom also.
 Zinnias are so easy to start from seed and have in the garden each year for flower bouquets.  Their colors are so bright and vibrant and add great interest to any bouquet. They are pest resistant and long lasting.  So hard to beat.  I always wish I had planted more and this year I did include them in several beds as good color filling in several areas.

 This is a unique and interesting bloom I added to the garden last year.  I like any "daisy like" bloom and the shape and color of this one appealed to me.  It is called osteospermum Lavendar Bliss.  Even with a hard winter it fared well.

 This unusual plant is also in its 2nd year in my gardens.  It is a long lasting bloomer and quite unusual.  It reminds me of allium  but I don't recall the name of this variety.

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Queen Bee's Musings said...

Beautiful! I really must come and enjoy your gardens!