Saturday, June 28, 2014

The rains this Spring have been wonderful.  My flowers have never looked better.  I have favorites that each year I make sure to have in my flower pots on the patio and in the beds.   
These happy nasturtium are an old time favorite; I love the leaves in arrangements just as much as the pretty blooms. 
This hyacinth bean vine is an annual favorite that quickly fills the trellis. It puts on many seed pods that are easy to dry and save for next years plants.  I especially love the contrast between the flowers, vine and leaves. 
I look forward to the blooms of the tall garden phlox each year and have added several varieties and colors over the years.  The fragrance can not be beat.
I have always liked the colorful foliage of coleus and now with many sun tolerant varieties I use them in pots and beds. 

Cleome is such an unusual plant and very hardy.  Each year it abundantly resows itself, often needing thinning.  This completes todays walk through the garden beds.  I'm looking forward to the blooms still to come on hibiscus and hydrangeas.  The zinnia starts are ready to be replanted in beds to fill in with color through out the summer.  Check back for another garden tour.

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Queen Bee's Musings said...

Master gardner! They are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.