Monday, March 3, 2014

Just heard this morning that this is the 10th heaviest snowy winter season for our area.  It just doesn't seem to want to end even though it is now March.  What better way to spend a cold, snowy Sunday than in my comfy chair stitching.  I continue to work (and rework) this pillow top and I'm pleased with the results.  A few more touches then ready to make it into a pillow.  The size is somewhat odd 15" x 15" plus the sides so will now search for the pillow form to finish the project.  I was not pleased with the daisy wreath in the top left section so reworked it yesterday using Brazilian embroidery stitches to wrap each petal.  It added some dimensional depth to the piece.  What do you think?

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Queen Bee's Musings said...

It turned out beautiful. Glad to see it finished
You may have to stuff it yourself if you can't find a form.