Friday, November 21, 2008

Auction Experience

I saw an ad this last week for a farm auction in our area, and I just knew I needed to go to this sale. It meant taking a day off of work (Thur a.m.) auction, what are they thinking? but regardless my schedule allowed me to attend. As I walked around perusing the many boxes it was so interesting to gain insight into the lives of these total strangers. Their collections, home furnishings, remnants from travels and hobbies all laid out before us. It made me think about my own life; what would my belongings say about me? I was thrilled to find among the large collection of quilts this crazy quilt and was even happier to bring it and a couple more home with me. I had the opportunity to speak with family and was told this quilt was at least 75 years old, made by their grandmother. Along with many of the other quilts it had been packed away in trunks and is in perfect condition. Made of mostly wool materials, it is a very heavy quilt.

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Pat Winter said...

I bet the whole time you were feeling guilty and unsure if you should have taken off from work ...until you saw the reason you were meant to....the crazy quilt now has a home where it will be loved and cared for, no longer packed away.

A reason for everything!
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